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About Me

Who am I you ask? I am Sky. What kind of Sky, you wonder? The humankind, a simple soul in the midst of her journey. Come along with me and allow me to share. Having changed directions so many times I now understand the need for road signs. Once a gymnast turned diver and now yogi.


My personal yellow brick road didn’t lead to Oz but rather it took me through some interesting twists and turns. through my journey, I’ve held hands with the scarecrow and have tasted her fear. I’ve worked alongside the dead, and the dying. I’ve seen the mind in all its glory fight courageous battles and tell it’s own horror tales. I’ve seen it destroy itself and conquer all else. In my personal journey I’ve learned there is no magical recipe for life, but rather a series of tools, implements if you will, that can help you navigate the street signs thrown in your path.   

My experiences, schooling and certifications include a B.S. in Anthropology and B.A. in Psychology from Southern Methodist University based in Dallas, Texas. I am a CYA-RYT 500-hour certified Tantric Hatha Yoga and Meditation instructor trained in Bali, Indonesia. Additionally, I am certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga, as well as yoga with baby. I am also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP). With all of these fun holistic realms, stay tuned for future yoga, and holistic wellness retreats! 


With this background, I use my own special sauce to create gathering spaces that allow for community, connection, movement, and mindfulness. Lets nourish the soul.

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