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Tantra Hatha Yoga 

​There is no "one-size fits all" approach to yoga which means the practice has to be adapted to meet your needs. Everybody has a story and some people carry that story with them differently. By utilizing a one-on-one or small group, approach to yoga we can develop a practice that enhances your overall experience and vitality. 

This style of yoga weaves in breath with movement can be adapted for every human, ranging from foundational yoga for beginners, to intermediate, to advanced practices. 

The benefits of this practice improves overall strength and flexibility, enhances the cardiovascular system, mitigates obesity, aids in stress management (impacting the adrenal glands and the HPA axis), improves mood, improves sleep quality, improves bone density, supports the mind and the body.  Need I say more, seriously, how awesome is that!? 

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