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Be with Ease in Morocco 
May 13th - 18th/19th, 2024 

This isn't just a retreat, it's an experience, a way of life. This week allows you to explore parts of yourself while immersed in a different culture. 

Join me in this retreat off the coast of Morocco, Africa. This beach is secluded which not only makes it a true gem but a surfers paradise for all levels!  Come learn to surf (alongside me if you are a beginner too), or refine your surf skills if you have more experience. The instructors are there for all levels of surf.

We will have outings that allow us to explore the towns around us, this includes camel rides through the desert, absorbing ourselves in the local culture by exploring historic towns and Berber jewellery makers, indulge in authentic local cuisine, lots of mint tea, lets move our bodies through daily yoga and funshops lead by me, surf/surf lessons, massages, and so much more!


The best part is no yoga experience or surf experience is necessary. There is a space for you, whether you are new to these practices, or you want to opt out and just chill on the beach, everything is entirely optional. All that is required is the desire to retreat somewhere, while nourishing your body, mind and soul, alongside other like minded individuals.

Let's be with ease in Morocco! 


Be with Ease,

Surf and Yoga Wellness Retreat 

Mirleft, Morocco

May 13th-18th, 2023

What is included:

  • 7 days, 6 nights stay at Spot-M surf camp, in resort or large villa with pool (max 2 per room)

  • Daily guided movement, breath, and meditation practices focused on centering oneself pre/post surf. 

  • Afternoon Yoga based "funshops" hosted by Sky

  • Tea/coffee, small snacks available in the morning.

  • Breakfast each morning at villa/resort.  

  • All surfing activities, beach transfers, equipment hire (wetsuits, wax, etc.), coaching, lunch at the surf school when surfing, and use of facilities.

  • Moroccan tea all day long!

  • Per group: One airport pickup from Agadir Airport for arrival (May 13th). This group pickup time will be organized closer to. 

  • Cultural outtings which include:

    • Half day trip to Tiznit: This is a historic walled Medina town where we will visit the jewellery souk for traditional Berber jewellery as well as sightseeing

    • Half day trip to Legzhira: We will visit here for a walk/camel ride and lunch in one of the beach restaurants, transfer to Sidi Ifni an old Spanish/Moroccan town where we can explore, shop, and try delicious coffee!

  • One Massage per guest

  • 2 x in house dinners at the Spot-M restaurant or at villa

  • On the final night we will have a BBQ with traditional Berber dancing/ music entertainment   

  • Everything is optional to make this experience what you need. 

  • Optional add on: transfer to Marrakesh as a group and stay the night here before departing home the next day. Explore the markets with Sky. 

  • Optional additions are possible for additional price. 

  • Not on the full days at the retreat, two meals will happen either at our villa or surf camp. One meal will be sourced by the attendee. As a group we will explore the local towns and support their economy. 

   A $500 USD non-refundable deposit is all you need to reserve your space. 



Early Bird Discount.
Limited Space at this retreat! 

Per person: $2200 USD. 

Want to add on one more day and join me in Marrakesh? Additional 250.00 USD May 18th-19th covers your transport from Mirleft to Marrakesh 

Repeat attendees enjoy $150.00 off your total. WELCOME BACK!


What is not included:

  • International and/or domestic airfare

  • Airport transport to/from the venue (can be arranged, feel free to      contact me to assist with this).

  • International or domestic transportation of any kind
    (ie- ferries, bikes, taxis, etc.) outside of what is stated above. 

  • Cost of visa upon arrival

  • Travellers insurance (highly recommended)

  • Cost of airport tax upon arrival and/or departure
    (often included in price of plane ticket)

  • Additional hotel bookings (for those arriving early, or staying later). 
    Can be arranged at Spot M retreat venue if there is interest. 

  • Additional tours/treks/excursions outside of what is included.

  • Additional excursions, instruction, or lessons.

  • Vaccinations, additional preventative medical needs

  • Note that not all meals all included, this allows for you to explore
    local cuisine and support local economy outside of the venue.

  • Alcoholic drinks


*I suggest using to find the best travel deals!

  • Agadir Airport is the closest to the venue and is where the group pickup will occur. Option to fly directly in to Marrakesh, then book a separate domestic flight into Agadir to meet at time of pickup. 

    • Agadir airport is about 1.5 hours away from the venue. 

  • Marrakesh airport is 4-5 hours away from the venue. Option to fly in here and be picked up which will cost and additional 250+ USD/person. If there is larger group cost per person will be less.

  • Option for return flight: fly out of Marrakesh and take transport with Sky and others on May 18th, for additional fee. 


  • Always check into passport and visa requirements if you are entering from outside of the country.

  • Always check with Covid-19 requirements for your country of origin, airline, and destination country.


  • Please check the weather for this region prior to packing. Reach out to Sky with any questions. 

  • Vaccination information will not be required by retreat host to attend this retreat. However, check host countries requirements before departure.

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