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Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your mind body and soul are being given to this tiny soul. A lot is happening so that your body can support, nourish and grow this baby within you. Through theses classes we will focus on connectioning, engaging and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. 

Prenatal yoga helps you to connect with yourself through breath and movement. This practice is beneficial for both you and baby, helping to alleviate physical discomforts (back aches, postural changes, sore feet, etc.), improves mood and emotional support, while providing a safe space for you to bond with your baby. 


Along the way, you will be taught tools to help prepare the mind and body for labor and the transition into parenthood. I have been there, and my intention here is to support you throughout this season of your life. 

Everything is welcome in these classes. Need a pee break? A savasana heavy class? A class specific to your sore body, we can make that happen! That is the beauty of a private practice. 

Offerings include 1:1 approach, or small group offerings. 

Post-partum is a life transition that deserves the support you may or may not know you need. Think of your mat, this class, this time, as a way to connect with yourself in the best of ways.

Everything in these classes go. Baby is welcome to join as well. The intention is to connect oyu abck into your body and mind. Meeting your body where it is, and supporting the muscles as you navigate this shift. Focusing on the pelvic floor (TVA muscles), breathwork, and getting into the sticky parts that come along with motherhood. Sore neck, shoulders, back, and hips anyone? I have got you, I have been there, and I am here to support you. 

These classes are for a person who just gave birth (at least six weeks ago), once approval to exercise from a health care provider has been obtained. 

Offerings include 1:1 approach, or small group offerings. 

Baby and Me/Postnatal Yoga

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