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Nicole Bissey

Group Class Offerings 

Craving connection and community? I feel you, a global pandemic has made me also crave it. I am taking the holistic portion of being a yogi and nutritionist and weaving in my background in psychology and anthropology. 

These series are a holistic experience that go beyond the physical movements explored in western yoga studio. We nourish the mind the body and soul in these offerings. 

I have created multiple series where you can join what I like to call a gathering space, a safe and loving space to be YOU. In all of these series, despite the different locations and themes, there is a consistency among these experiences. We will begin each session with a check in, I will introduce the collective intention for the week that will blend into our conversation. This fosters that sense of community and connection allowing us to grow. 

Afterwards we switch to the movement portion. These series are cultivated to set solid yoga foundations, and from there you will grow in sensation and movements, in a way that honours your body. 

Join the fun: 

  • Reignite Series at Sage and Solace Farms - SOLD OUT 

  • Stay Connected Series 

    • Prenatal Yoga Series ​

    • Baby and Me Yoga Series 

  • Wednesday Evenings at The Naked Truth Skincare in Pitt Meadows ​

Stay tuned for more series. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of my first LOCAL retreat 


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