Session Goals

What does holistic healing mean for you? It is an approach that takes the time to understand who you are what has to lead you to this moment. It is a mutual effort where you and I delve deeper than the physical layer of your being. Assessing the emotional, physiological, social, and environmental factors that influence your daily life. Together a protocol will be made that enhances nourishment and vitality, whether that's assessing the root cause of your ailments, your chief complaints, and/or working towards your health goals. 

These sessions are uniquely created to align your mind with your body as the two are intricately connected. By enhancing this connection your awareness within the mind and the body will allow you to live your best life.

These sessions are unique to you and can include an emphasis on:  

This means strengthening the four foundations of your health. Providing your body with optimal nourishment, addressing sleep disturbances, implementing movement through tantric hatha yoga practices, and teaching strategies to cope with stress such as meditation. As a holistic nutritionist, and 500-hour certified yoga instructor, I am here to be your wellness coach, creating a protocol specifically for you and your needs. Together, working towards a plan that improves your quality of life.  

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