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The "Skyfecta" - Lifestyle Adaptation Model

Here is an approach to holistic health that puts everything together. In order for optimal health one must feel solid in all foundational pillars of health. These pillars include movement, mindfulness, and nourishment. 

This "Skyfecta" is a package encompasses yoga, meditation techniques for stress management, and food adjustments to nourish you from the inside out. This is a lifestyle adaptation protocol to nourish the body from the inside out. 

Working together we will create a healing protocol that addresses your chief complaints and health goals. This road map will include foods that are ideal and supportive of you. Exploring the realm of herbal support, and supplement support when food is not quite doing the job. Combining a yoga and meditation practice that is tailored for your mind and body become balanced. 

In essence, this approach is adaptable and diverse making it suitable for every single human.


This is a 3-month minimum commitment to ensure positive results.  

Packages can be customizable depending on clients goals/needs/budget. Sliding scale available.

  •  What is included in the standard package: 

    • 3 months of nutrition support tailored specifically for you. 

    • 1 initial consultation (1 hour)

    • 3 followup sessions (45- minutes) 

    • Personalized wellness plan (may include lifestyle, movement, nutrition, and stress management support). 

    • 4 yoga classes per month - 1 hour private yoga class combining asana, pranayama, and simple meditation techniques. 

    • Starter kit of recipes to kickstart your journey.

    • Email support available throughout the week and weekly check in support.

    • Add on’s available for additional cost.  


Photo by Nicole Bissey

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