Postnatal Yoga | Yoga with Baby

Post-partum is a life transition that deserves the support you may or may not know you need. Think of your mat, this class, this time, as a way to reconnect with yourself in the best of ways! 

These classes are for a person who just gave birth (6 weeks to 6 months ago), once approval to exercise from a health care provider has been obtained. 


These classes are focused on the needs of your body. That can range from focusing on specific aches and pains, mood, sleep, alleviating stress, improving strength, mobility and flexibility, etc. This is a chance for you to connect with yourself.

Note these classes are typically 60 minutes in length. 

​These classes are for birthing persons' with newborns to pre-crawlers, once approval to exercise from a health care provider has been obtained. 

These classes are exactly what the title suggests, baby gets to participate too. As you know baby's require a lot of attention and support from parents, so lets allow their presence in this class.


In this class everything goes, feeding, napping, altering the practice to work for both mom and baby. Did I mention that there will be singing, baby tickles, mini dance parties peppered throughout? And of course movement specified for mama that integrates baby too! 

Note these classes are typically 45 minutes in length. 

MOGA Yoga with Baby

Prices for private classes (individual, online or in person classes (Covid-safe space needs to be required) for locals. 


Price break down:

1 class =$ 90.00 

4 class package  = $88.00 per class 

8 class package = $85.00 per class 

12 class package = $83.00 per class(best price) 


Small group prices available as well. 

Note: Sliding scale prices available. 

Postnatal Yoga 

Contact: 1+ (604) 362 9941

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