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SkyYoga & Wellness

"Life is beautiful ~ if you let it be"

I firmly believe that yoga is for everybody but not every yoga is for every body. Thats the magic of this practice, it goes beyond the physical body and meets you where you need to be. Whether we work together one on one or in a small group setting, I curate classes that are accessible to most bodies.

I build these experiences to combat and reduce stress , manage pain, adapt to body changes (pregnancy, post partum), mental health, while creating a space for those craving community and connection.

I offer private sessions, small group sessions, have a few six-week series offerings, as well a wellness retreats . I am Sky the facilitator of these experiences, whether its yoga, movement, breath work, prenatal/postnatal, local or international retreats, I am here to hold space and allow you the opportunity to be with ease. 

Image By Nicole Bissey

Holistic Services 

 Your holistic wellness journey may include an emphasis on:  ​

"The effort is pointless if you don't believe in yourself first."

Might Guy

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