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~ New Beginning ~

They, who ever “they” are, said that hindsight is 20/20. Meaning that situations, behaviours, outcomes, etc. become clear as day when you look back at them. This happens to me quite often. As time continues to pass we find ourselves now in the year 2020. This new decade allows for many individuals to wipe the slate clean and work on their new year's resolutions; which in essence is them working on themselves.

I used to think that New Year's resolutions were silly. I backed this claim up by thinking that if you wanted to work on yourself and improve aspects of your life, this is something that can be worked on every single day. What I meant by this is that you don't need a new year to pursue these changes within yourself. As I get older, I understand that some people do need that perspective change as they transition into a new year, that clean slate so to speak, to find the inner motivation to work on themselves. If a New Year is what sparks that motivation who am I to judge!?

Admittedly, there is something intriguing about this year, I think 2020 has a smooth ring to it that immediately invokes this craving to be better. I see it as a time to push myself harder, to constantly evolve and be open to new idea's, new perspectives. Perhaps, I am the only one but I doubt that.

As this past year came to an end I found myself reflecting on it in its entirely. The result being that last year was an epic year for me. It was a roller-coaster of emotions and changes that have led me to this moment right here, right now. 2019 was filled with a huge personal transformation and a lot of change.

To summarize the big components of last year: I quit a very stable job and decided on a career and lifestyle change. I moved to Bali for two months to delve deeper than I thought possible into my yoga journey, my partner visited me in Indonesia where we had an amazing time exploring a place that has become a second home to me, I met “forever friends” from all over the world, I moved back home and started my own business: SkyYoga Wellness Inc., visited one of my favourite humans in Ottawa, explored Mexico with my ancient best friend, visited a beautiful friend in England to help her run her wellness retreat, returned to school to become a certified holistic nutritionist which I am still in school for, and ended the year surrounded with family, ventured to Vietnam with some of family and explored there.

On a more micro scale, I learned more about myself, I started meditating daily, I practice asana and yogic principles daily, I am in the process of understanding my energy, I am learning to be more compassionate towards myself as well as others, and learning about a lifestyle that is based on science and philosophy to better improve my quality of life. Notice how I used the word "learning" instead of "learned." Its a work in progress, I am a work in progress. Adding holistic nutrition to my realm of continual learning this year too.

The takeaway from last year was learning how to breathe, and attempting to apply balance to all aspects of my life. I am using this as my foundational platform to continue building on in this 2020 year. I intend on remaining true to myself. As I peel back the layers and get to know and understand myself deeper, I challenge myself to stay authentic to my core.

This may sound easy; however, I disagree. It is easier to get caught up in the world around you and have others beliefs alter and influence your own. This can happen without you even realizing it. So I intend on listening more to others, applying their wisdom when I need it and combining it with my own thoughts, beliefs and desires.

A client of went home to Europe for the holidays and prior to her departure she told me that she was nervous to leave. Her reasoning for this was that she had spent the past three months exploring herself and dramatically altering her lifestyle. She thought that by going home she would revert back to her old self and discontinue her "new" way of living.

She surprised herself; she stuck to her yoga practice, for the most part she maintained her dietary change (of course Christmas treats are an exception), and came back feeling motivated. She did admit that her family has a power over her and can influence her decisions and beliefs. However, she has become so aware of this influence that she is now able to detect it and separate it.

This has eliminated some of her worry about moving back to Europe at the end of this year. Her own self-realization was so profound it altered her schema. To observe this was such a beautiful thing. I am so incredibly proud of her for speaking her truth and following her truth. I share this because a lot of us fall victim to old habits, and it is incredible difficult to integrate change and new routine in environments where the old habits run free. This is what makes New Years resolutions difficult to keep.

This is something I will continue to do as we begin this new decade. I will continue to follow my truth while striving for balance. There is a lot of unknowns as far as this year is concerned and for right now that is okay. I will figure it out, I do not doubt that. I just need to be patient and understand that life is a climb, its a process, but if you stop every once in a while you may notice how great the view is.

So what are your hopes and ambitions for this year? Even if you do not believe in New Years resolutions or the typical way of entering a new year. Perhaps there are some goals you are working towards? Perhaps you need a little courage or motivation to help you pursue your dreams. Explore then, what obstacles are standing in your way? More often than not we are our own obstacle. Perhaps 2020 is the year you take the plunge and leap?

It is a leap year after all…

Mui Ne, Vietnam

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