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Why meditate...?

Some people practice meditation, others don't, to each their own. I get questions surrounding the WHY. So here goes a quick 4-minute recap that answers that.

Meditation calms the mind allowing the hamster wheel a moment to rest.. thank god for that stillness within yourself. Did you know that having a consistent practice modulates the cortical tissue of your brain?

Its a practice, which means this is a skill that takes practice

Why meditate if you aren't comfortable...? That invites distraction and takes away from the experience you are trying to create for yourself. Here is a quick video walking you through various ways to seat and how to use props to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be during this time for you! 

Join me on and the beautiful rain in the background, for this gentle meditation introduction. Beginning with rooting the breath in the pelvis and using that to create a smooth rhythmic breath. This is a great way to bring a foundational awareness to the breath and anchor the mind!

This video is made with the intention of equipping you with a new tool to add to your toolbox during all this Covid-19 chaos. This technique calms the nervous system (activating the parasympathetic nervous system) and in turn calms the mind, allowing you to remain in control of yourself. Please utilize this method and share this video with friends, family, or anyone who you feel could benefit. 

Sitting more? Slouching more...? Struggling with stiffness during this quarantine? Oh, how the home life has thrown our posture out the window! Try these simple stretches to help get fluidity back into your spine. 

Stay longer is the poses that need it, modify as you see fit. This is just a guide to help improve spinal stiffness and motivate you to move! You've got this.

This sequence is a great mid-day movement session to feel into your body and getting everything flowing! This is foundational, meaning that most humans will benefit from this and can follow along. Modify and adapt this to your own body. So let's get the body flowing! Not only will this help improve circulation and immunity (lymphatic movement) but it will promote balance to your nervous system helping to alleviate any angsty/anxious feelings.

Why not, use your own breath to revitalize yourself? This technique helps to clear the mind of any fog, in turn waking you the F up. Additionally, cleansing the energy channels within, as well as improving respiration and circulation. Leave any personal judgments at the door and be silly! Try this technique and add it to your repertoire of daily rituals to make you feel alive.

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