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Set your Soul on Fire

This weekend is a love and family filled weekend eh? With Valentines Day on Friday and then Family Day on Monday, I can't help but be sucked into the vortex of warm and fuzzy feelings!

How about you?

Don't get me wrong I am not blind, I see how products and corporations have completely capitalized on us consumers and have marketed and manipulated us into buying into this "day." BUT stepping away from the products and just looking at the fact that there is a day where our culture, our country, becomes dedicated to showing our loved ones we love them is super cool!

I know we should not need an excuse to show those we love that we love them. However, it is so easy to get caught up in the routine of life, to be too busy, too on the go, to have that "excuse" or nudge to go above and beyond. This weekend is that nudge.

Perhaps you reflect on your life and realize "man, I haven't been out on a date with my partner in god knows how long..." or "I haven't spoken or seen my best friend in months!" You can use this day as a platform to reconnect! Send that extra text to that someone who has been on your mind more than usual. Seriously, whats the harm?

This weekend got me thinking about what sets my soul on fire. I realized I am fortunate in that it is the people and my experiences with them and myself are what truly light me up. My family, my friends, and the little moments whether its the ten minutes of meditation I was able to do this morning, to the 50 minute asana, to singing in my car, to taking a few minutes to be still, to reading a good book, to watching That 70's show" with my partner in bed, to playing board games with the family...

Last week, I took a half day off and had an adventure day with my partner. We did this because in this upcoming month our schedules are going to conflict quite a lot. I will barely see this guy that I live with. So, I felt it was crucial we carve out time and go on a adventure. When life circumstances like this arise and you feel disconnected or far from your partner, you start to ask bigger questions. Such as "why am I doing this?" "what is it all for?" and then you have just jumped head first down a rabbit hole you may not necessarily want to be in.

These are important questions to check in with; however, sometimes these questions get pulled up in times of stress and disorder, causing you to feel detached from the life you are living. This weekend provides a day of excuses in a positive way, allowing you to push the work aside, albeit it for a few moments or hours -- and immerse yourself in other activities that light you up.

On Friday, I didn't have school but I had a to-do list a mile long. Swamped with schoolwork, work projects, phone calls etc... Let me preface, that I am a person with structure and constant drive to complete that list and feel productive. That morning I decided to dip out for a few hours. I asked my mom if she wanted to go on a breakfast date with me as she had a few extra minutes in her busy schedule.

We went to my favorite restaurant and took an hour to catch up. I am so thankful for doing that. Sure, it put be behind my schedule but then I asked my self "Sky, what is the point"? And I realized the point is to do what sets your soul on fire. I have been missing my mom lately so I took the opportunity to see her. I will get my work done, I usually do so why stress about it?

This week rather than sitting here spending time writing this post, I am going to pause. I am going to stop, go and give my sisters a kiss, and enjoy my family day.

I hope you do the same.

Ask yourself, what sets your soul on fire, and now go and do that!

Dune Falls, Jamaica

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